Contact: fotoyaaf (at) gmail.com 

I am an entomologist based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, and currently working as a PhD candidate at Wageningen University. Since long I have been inspired by the immense diversity of insect life throughout the world and the many different ways insects live their (mostly short) lives. My research focuses on how small parasitoid wasps find host caterpillars guided by scent compounds released by plants over large distances.

In my spare time I like to photograph nature outside and I have also kept quite some mantis species as pets which I photograph inside (as there are no native mantis species in the Netherlands). If you are interested in my photos, my research or in mantids, don't hesitate to contact me via email!

All photos on my website are copyrighted and may not be copied or used elsewhere without my permission.

Awards/publications: Mayfly in spider web       2017 Runner up (second prize) in category 'Arthropods' of the Groene Camera (click image to view larger size).           Geboorte rupsen     2016 Second Prize in PE&RC's got Talent - Picture Awards, 'Field-/lab-/modelling work' category (click image to view larger size).               Tadpoles   2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition, Shortlist in 'Behaviour' category with 'Mass of tadpoles' (click image to view larger size).             Spring blossom           2016 'Foto van de week' (photo of the week) natuurfotografie.nl, theme 'Blossom' (click image to view larger size).                       2016 1st Prize of Poster Awards during Nern-NecoV Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting     Fly trapped in Drosera plant         2011 2nd Prize of the photo competition held during the Insect Experience festival in Wageningen. This photo was also published in Cannatalk, issue 16, 2012 (click image to view larger size).